Why Coffee Stained?

I named this site on a whim, just looking for an available url, but the longer I sat on it the more sense it made. Most of my time in college and beyond has been spent in a revolving door of local coffee shops; I’ve worked as a barista, been a regular customer, judged latte art competitions, sat from open to close working on projects, and been a visiting tourist.  As the result, these have become my ideal spaces for community, discovery, and productivity.

Thursday Night Throwdown at Horizon Line Coffee
Credit: Hannah Rosalie Wright

In learning to love the product itself, in all of its complexity, I found myself  feeling the same love for the spaces where it is served and perfected. It’s in these shops that I do my best work, and many of the projects in my portfolio are products of long hours at a local cafes. While I have been lucky enough to only spill my drinks on notebooks, novels, and the occasional t shirt, the content I’ve created as the result of countless cups of coffee always seem to have a certain roasty smell to them. I once said to a friend that everything I own is coffee stained, and this site is no different.